March 25, 2021
Doctor showing the power of Remote Patient Monitoring services and products by MedekRPM

Why does every practice need Remote Patient Monitoring?

Over the past 12 months, with the pandemic, the entire healthcare industry has been turned upside down and the old ways of practicing medicine largely came to an end. In today’s post-pandemic healthcare delivery environment it is highly unusual to find doctor practices blocking patients in 15-minute windows, one right after the other.

Today, many physicians are using a patient portal to communicate with their patients, messaging each other with common questions, giving pharmacy refills and doctor’s notes without even seeing a patient.

Patients have become used to telemedicine, where they can see the doctor for follow-up appointments or minor medical issues through their phone. They appreciate the ease of telemedicine and the fact they don’t have to wait in the lobby for their appointment surrounded by other sick people.

And, more and more doctors are turning to Remote Patient Monitoring to ensure their patients remain healthy and to catch issues early, reducing hospital readmissions in some cases by 70%. You can now track their health trends from anywhere.

Every physician understands that patients show symptoms of larger problems very early on – often long before they even realize it. Medek’s remote patient monitoring solution allows you to intervene and interact with your patient immediately before the next office visit.

By using a Remote Patient Monitoring solution, you’re able to be alerted when anything changes with your patients, even if you haven’t seen them in months. Using connected devices paid for by CMS, you’ll be able to monitor your patients at home, every day, without any extra effort on your part.

In fact, our RPM clinical team will handle every aspect of the process for you.

Under the Medek RPM, we work to register as many of your patients as possible to the Remote Patient Monitoring system. We’ll call them to let them know they will be getting a connected device, like a scale or a glucose monitor, and then we’ll deliver the device to them.

Our case managers monitor patients’ statistics and follow up with the patient if they don’t use the connected devices. Then our custom RPM program gives our physicians a report of their patients at any time.

Of course, nothing will ever equal the interaction of a doctor and patient and how valuable that in-person interaction is to diagnose an issue. But, with Remote Patient Monitoring, you will become a better physician, able to keep in contact with more patients using the latest technology.

And your Medicare reimbursements will actually increase because you are able to see more patients.

Please reach out to Medek RPM today to give your practice the extra boos Remote Patient Monitoring will provide.