Why Choose Medek RPM?

Medek RPM is focused on making remote patient monitoring as simple and easy for the physician as possible. It starts with our proven method of onboarding patients with chronic conditions with a team of specialists. It continues with our high-end assortment of connected devices, like scales, glucose meters, and more, along with our custom, easy-to-use software package. Finally, our care professionals are ready to monitor all chronic patients on a day-to-day basis and are prepared to work with physicians to keep patients healthy. Find out more about Medek RPM’s key customized tools with our core features and proven processes to yield success below.

Medek RPM

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Data Collection

Patient Compliance

Insurance Billing


Increased Patient Health and Revenue

Medek’s Remote Patient Monitoring Program is the only program that helps you succeed in every aspect of your Remote Patient Monitoring initiative.

Medek RPM Core Features

Our mission is to improve the health of your patients and satisfaction while helping you grow your practice. With so many RPM companies to choose from, we distinguish ourselves through our personal touch and our full-service approach.


All of our medical devices are equipped with cellular SIM cards to ensure each unit works independently. We require no device set up, no Bluetooth pairing (other than oximeters), no apps needed.

Device list:

  • Blood Pressure Cuffs
  • Weight Scales
  • Glucose Meters
  • Oximeters
  • Smart Watches

Patient Care Team

With years of experience in the telehealth business, we are uniquely positioned to offer a unique approach to remote patient monitoring. We have a dedicated patient care team consisting of highly qualified licensed medical professionals who will help you with your remote patient monitoring and ensure that it works best for you and your patients. We believe that the target population for the remote patient monitoring program is not served well by automated text messages and computer programs; they prefer a human touch which we alone provide. Our patient care team establishes a relationship with your patients providing them training, answering questions about using the devices, and helping to monitor their progress along the way.

We find that patient compliance is between 200 to 300% greater with our patient care team than with automated solutions.

Our patient care team can do something that no artificial intelligence can; they attend to patients that are truly in need of attention and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Patients love the personalized touch of our patient care team and the ability to talk to a real human being instead of receiving an impersonal text message or email.

Patient Onboarding Team

Medek RPM is a full-service remote patient monitoring company. Our system pulls qualified candidates directly from your EMR. Our onboarding team can contact them on your behalf, train them on the devices and get them into the program quickly and efficiently.

We tend to onboard patients 75 to 90% faster than our competitors, which means more revenue for you and better health for your patients right out of the gate.

Provider Portal Features

Doctor Portal

Doctor Portal – From a feature point of view, our partner doctor offices tell us that our patient portal is the most straightforward and most intuitive that they’ve ever seen. We take all of the complex tasks of data review, billing, and compliance and make them simple.

Priority Q

Artificial Intelligence analyzes your patient’s vitals so you can focus on those that are most at-risk. In addition, we record the amount of time spent reviewing and/or communicating with the patient, so you are fully protected in the case of an audit and make the billing process very simple.

Billing Q

Our system automatically generates each billable code in real-time. When you’re ready to bill for a patient, just select the codes you’d like to bill and submit. Not like with other systems where you first need to run a report, examine the spreadsheet, manually pull the readings and review time communication and then match them to the billing codes. This can be a laborious process for you or your billing/coding team.

Why wait until the end of the month to bill? With our unique system, you can bill the instant a billing code is achieved. No reports to run, no data to correlate, no fuss or hassles. Just click and bill.

About Medek RPM

Other companies tend to onboard you, jam as many patients onto the platform as possible, and then move on without any regard to the ongoing performance of the program because more patients for them means more venture capital funding.

We’re a self-funded organic company that’s been in the telemedicine space for several years. Our network has treated millions of patients.

We know that it’s not enough just to get patients signed up – they need to be satisfied with the system. You and they both need to feel that is a valuable and irreplaceable part of their care.

Questions for Competitors

Before you sign up with another Remote Patient Monitoring company be sure to ask them some questions:

Do you provide full service patient care, onboarding and billing teams / services?

Is the entirety of your company and technology that has access to sensitive patient data based entirely within the United States?

If a patient has problems with a device or isn’t taking their measurements will a human being reach out or will you try to text and email an 82 year old grandmother?

Do you rely solely on computer programs and artificial intelligence to spot trends or do you have a human element to your solution that understands the nuances of every patient? Can your AI develop a personal relationship with these patients and make them feel happy and cared for on a day-by-day basis?

After I sign up with your program what is your vested interest in making sure that it operates smoothly, that my patients stay compliant, and that I understand the intricacies of running a remote patient monitoring program? Are you signing me up to become a partner or so that you can increase your bottom line to look good to Silicon valley investors?

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