Experience Medek RPM’s Full-Service Solution ‘Remote Patient Monitoring

Improve clinical outcomes and add more revenue to your bottom line with Medek RPM’s full-service, nationwide RPM solution.

We take the headache and confusion out of the process, by adding state-of-the-art technology and highly trained, dedicated clinical staff. Medek RPM has no upfront cost, and managing chronic patients is easier than ever. Earn up to $2,600/year/patient in additional revenue.

On this short presentation, you’ll learn:
How Medek RPM works and how it will fit into your practice
What devices are available and how they work
How reimbursement works with CPT codes
Estimates for reimbursement
And receive answers to any questions you may have
Join us for an interactive 1-on-1 consultation AND get copies of our ‘Infographic – RPM By the Numbers’ and ‘RPM Whitepaper 2022’ as a Thank You!

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