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Remote Patient Monitoring   Hardware Matters

When it comes to providing patients with a seamless experience hardware matters. The number one reason a remote patient monitoring programs fail is that patients give up taking their measurements. When your patients fail to comply, you are unable to bill.

Many companies offer hardware that requires an additional application on a smartphone to work. That additional step causes a huge increase in non-compliance due to the difficulty of use.

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RPM Hardware Matters

Designed for the Patient

At Medek RPM we take patient compliance seriously. Our remote patient monitoring hardware is designed to be simple to operate and requires no additional application. All of our medical devices are equipped with cellular SIM cards to ensure each unit works independantly.

This means the only thing your patient needs to do is press the on button and take their measurement. Better compliance leads to reliable billing.

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Hassle Free RPM Hardware

When it comes to managing devices, dealing with batteries, shipping, storing, and a whole host of other equipment issues, we have your back.

Medek RPM takes care of everything related to hardware from start to finish. We can ship to your customer, provide training and support, and if there is ever a problem we take care of everything including getting the device back and sending out a new one.

Best of all, there is no upfront cost for any medical device. Everything is included in Medek RPM, including the devices. Focus on your patients and your practice and let us deal with the devices.

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

We offer a range of RPM devices to prescribe for most chronic care conditions. All of our devices are SIM enabled and require no companion application.

Blood Pressure Cuff
Weight Scale
Glucose Meter
Smart Watch