Chronic Patient Monitoring for Hypertension

Chronic Patient Monitoring for Hypertension

Everyone knows that hypertension can be fatal. If a patient’s blood pressure becomes too high, the risk is great for a heart attack or a stroke. By utilizing Medek RPM’s Remote Patient Monitoring for Hypertension, it is easy to monitor your patients’ blood pressure and be alerted if a fatal event may be starting. Every patient who uses Medek RPM’s Hypertension Remote Patient Monitoring receives an easy-to-use connected blood pressure cuff, monitored by Medek RPM’s team of care specialists. Medek RPM’s Remote Patient Monitoring for Hypertension helps save lives through today’s technology.

Devices that can be used for Hypertension

Devices that can be used for Hypertension

Every doctor’s visit comes with a measurement of blood pressure because high blood pressure is one of the key factors leading to many deadly incidents. But it’s an inconvenience for patients to travel to a doctor’s office regularly. Now, patients can use Medek RPMs Remote Patient Monitoring for Hypertension program that includes an easy-to-use blood pressure cuff connected to our team of health care practitioners. From the comfort of home, patients can perform a standard blood pressure test and results are automatically sent to the Medek RPM team, giving hypertension patients true Remote Patient Monitoring.

Benefits of Medek Remote Hypertension Patient Monitoring

When managing the chronic condition of hypertension, Medek RPM’s Remote Patient Monitoring for Hypertension is simple, cost-effective, and high tech. First, Medek RPM uses a team of medical specialists to monitor any readings provided by our connected blood pressure cuffs. That team keeps in touch with hypertension patients using Remote Patient Monitoring to ensure that blood pressure cuff readings are taken as required by a physician. Finally, the Medek RPM connected blood pressure cuff is simple to use and does not require any extra steps by the patient. Using Medek RPM’s hypertension Remote Patient Monitoring provides a great way to keep patient healthier.

How Does Remote Patient Monitoring Work?

Remote Patient Monitoring program delivers cellular-connected medical devices (like Blood Pressure Cuffs, Weight Scales, and Blood Glucose Meters) to your patients so that they can take their measurements daily. Those measurements are then available to you, as the medical provider, to review for potential problems.

Did you know?

Medek Remote Patient Monitoring has been proven to improve patient health within 6 months.

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