Chronic Patient Monitoring for COVID-19

Chronic Patient Monitoring for COVID-19

With COVID-19 treatments, it has been shown to be critical to know your health care statistics, especially with oxygen. While not a chronic condition, Medek RPM’s Remote Patient Monitoring for COVID-19 allows patients to receive much needed health care monitoring without leaving the comfort of their home. Medek RPM’s COVID-19 Remote Patient Monitoring can provide an easy-to-use connected oximeter. Monitoring COVID-19 conditions is a critical step in treatment of this deadly disease and Medek RPM’s team of health care practitioners can ensure COVID-19 patients received that critical care.

Devices that can be used for COVID-19

Devices that can be used for COVID-19

Even though COVID-19 is not considered a chronic condition, Remote Patient Monitoring can be used to ensure a patient’s care is managed at home and not in the hospital. The best way to use that is through Medek RPM’s Remote Patient Monitoring for COVID-19 and its connected oximeter because of how COVID-19 affects the lungs. This high-tech oximeter is used like any other oximeter, attached to the finger, but automatically sends the readings to the Medek RPM team of care professionals. When a patient’s oxygen levels reach an unsatisfactory level, our team of medical professionals work with the patient’s physician to determine next steps.

Benefits of Medek Remote COVID-19 Patient Monitoring

One thing learned over the past year in working with COVID-19 patients is the best course of action is treatment at home. Only in emergency situations, should a patient go to the hospital. The best way to ensure a patient is treated at home is using Medek RPMs Remote Patient Monitoring for COVID-19 patients. Using this system, it’s easy for a patient to test their oxygen levels and have those results sent directly to the Medek RPM care professionals team. This eliminates the need for the COVID-19 patient to leave the house, reducing infections of others and bringing greater results to the health of people suffering from COVID-19.

How Does Remote Patient Monitoring Work?

Remote Patient Monitoring program delivers cellular-connected medical devices (like Blood Pressure Cuffs, Weight Scales, and Blood Glucose Meters) to your patients so that they can take their measurements daily. Those measurements are then available to you, as the medical provider, to review for potential problems.

Did you know?

Medek RPM can be prescribed to your COVID-19 patients?

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