1. Providers Prescribe RPM

Patients that may be suffering from a number of chronic conditions can be prescribed remote physiologic (also knowns as patient) monitoring or RPM for short.

Remote Patient Monitoring can greatly improve the health of your patients and greatly reduce re-hospitalization.

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2. Medek RPM sets up the Patient

Leave the program management to us. We can collect the patient consent, create the records, onboard, and ship the devices directly to the patient.

Our goal is to eliminate the busy work so you can focus on what really matters: patient health. You let our team know how involved in the process you want us to be.


3. Patients Take Measurements

Patients are given a medical device (blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, scale, etc.) allowing them to take their prescribed measurements from the comfort of their home.

Because our devices are cellular enabled, there is no additional app or gateway required. This makes taking measurements simple and leads to better compliance.

Medek RPM device

4. Visualize Patient Health

When a patient takes their measurement, the data is sent to a secure HIPAA compliant portal in real-time.

From the Medek RPM portal you can see trending health and history, alerts, data review, care plan management, and billing progress.

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5. Data Review Comes Standard

We understand your busy. That’s why Medek provides fully credentialed medical staff to review your patient data and meet the Medicare billing requirements.

Our team members can review the data and alert your practice if anything seems out of line. This allows you to scale without the need for additional staff. Of course if you prefer, your staff can perform the review.

6. Bill Medicare for Services

Once all the requirements have been met, we automatically place all billable services in our custom Billing Q. This provides your medical billers with all of the details they need to get your reimbursement.

Medek is a full service platform designed specifically to improve patient health and increase billing revenues.

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