At MedekRPM we are looking for strong candidates for our clinical reviewer role.

Job Description

Work from home – no commuting!
Work flexible hours, choose your own schedule.

Our company provides remote patient monitoring, some examples are blood pressure, pulse, and weight. We are looking for Clinical Reviewers – dedicated professionals who are conscientious and detail oriented. This position consists of accessing our portal to review patient data and alerting the appropriate party(s) if an anomaly is detected based on parameters determined by the treating Provider. The reviewer does not provide specific medical treatment. You will contact patients at least monthly or as needed to discuss their readings, consistency of taking readings, device issues, etc.

The review team members will be appropriately credentialed or licensed and operate in accordance with all applicable laws.

Some of the tasks are-
Remote access medical portal
Examine patient readings
Record activity in the portal
Calling patients
Informing medical providers when patient readings are panic values

Required Skills/Abilities:
General knowledge health care terminology.
Knowledge and compliance with HIPAA regulations.

You will need:
Cell phone – Android or iPhone
Strong internet connection

Current state medical license required.”