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    New Partnership Announcement! VivoDoc + MedekRPM

    New Partnership Announcement! VivoDoc + MedekRPM

    Physicians seeking to modernize their practice management will use new platforms for patient acquisition and practice optimization. VivoDoc, a leader in this field, empowers physicians by using a centralized healthcare marketplace. This allows both patients and physicians to easily find each other, connect, and seamlessly manage the entire healthcare journey. 

    VivoDoc’s goal is to help and empower  1,000+ practices and 10,000+ active users/patients by the end of 2022. VivoDoc has improved the quality of healthcare delivery, increased healthcare access and prevented readmissions to the hospitals. An added benefit is providing an additional source of revenue for medical practices.  

    VivoDoc has partnered with Medek Health Systems, a comprehensive remote patient monitoring platform and company. This combination of a centralized healthcare marketplace platform and a remote patient monitoring company is the first in the healthcare industry. It benefits both patients and providers.  VivoDoc uses an AI enabled self-triage functionality. This function guides patients to the appropriate medical care provider..  VivoDoc’s chatbot is equipped with medical grade guidelines, which saves time and diminishes misinformation. The VivoDoc app enables seamless scheduling, with a choice of virtual or face-to-face appointments. Patients have the option of paying via insurance or direct cash pay.  They can also complete the necessary medical forms in advance. All the patient’s paperwork is digitally secure, yet easily accessible to providers 

    How to Involve Your Healthcare Team Using Remote Patient Monitoring

    Patient loads for physicians have steadily increased during the past 15 to 20 years.

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    For physicians, listing their practice on VivoDoc serves multipurpose. It can  market their services to patients searching for care, streamline scheduling by removing the need for calling the office for appointments, reduce double bookings & no-shows, as well as simplify the payment process through direct-pay or insurance. Additionally, VivoDoc can provide secure electronic health records to tackle the common problem of document duplication and loss of records. 

    Previously,  VivoDoc was partnered with NexHealth, using their API for seamless appointment booking experience

    The Unique first in the Healthcare Industry combination

    BY joining forces with Medek Health Systems, VivoDoc hopes to reach a diverse range of healthcare practices. With more medical practices involved, these partnerships can improve the quality of healthcare, increase healthcare access, while reducing costs.  

    Remote patient monitoring captures vital patient measurements. It also enhances the ability for providers to manage multiple patients while increasing visibility of various patient’s health information. This saves patients from unnecessary travel to the doctor’s office. This monitoring can signal healthcare professionals of dangerous trends and can prevent issues from becoming life-threatening incidents. It reduces hospital readmissions. 

    A very receptive response from both the patients’ side and physician community in adopting this model has given confidence to all the members of this partnership to provide better service to all our customers.

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